20 Jan

Clamp-on bike parking

1 Jan

London, UK

This inexpensive bike parking alternative is being added to existing poles all over the city.

Car buffer

20 Dec

Copenhagen, Denmark

On this one-way street, bicyclists traveling against vehicle traffic (and therefore more vulnerable) are protected by parked cars.

Cafe extention

15 Dec

Copenhagen. Denmark

The road space taken over for this chicane is now occupied by the adjacent cafe for table seating and bicycle parking.

Stair Runnel

10 Dec

Staircase Runnel, Copenhagen

In Denmark, many public stairway has one of these ramps to help the common cyclist maneuver their cycles up and down. They improve the quality of biking, safety, and help integrate different routes for the cyclist. It makes it more realistic that a cyclist will use their bike in an urban setting if they can get the bike up and down the different obstacles (stairs) with ease.

Angled Median Crossing

20 Nov

Copenhagen, Denmark

This 2-directional median crossings is separated from the pedestrian crossing. The angle provides more room for cargo bikes.

Speed Bumps

20 Nov

Milvia Slow Street, North Berkeley

The design covers roughly six blocks of residential street in which 30 curb bulb-outs were placed to narrow the street at intersections and mid-block locations. These bulb-outs and planted islands create a serpentine design, which requires vehicles to slow and negotiate a winding path along the street, thus creating a safer, quieter street and neighborhood for bicycling, walking and even simply conversing in front yard.

Since the installation, both formal studies and resident surveys report that Milvia Street has become much safer and that the number and severity of accidents has decreased dramatically. The success of Milvia Street has led to the installation of speed humps on over twenty other streets in Berkeley.

Residential Neckdown

18 Nov

Copenhagen, Denmark

This Neckdowns reduces street width so only one car can traverse through at one time. The openings on either side provide refuge for bicyclists so they are not required to turn into traffic.

Vehicle Street Closure

2 Nov

Copenhagen, Denmark


New pocket park

2 Nov

Copenhagen, Denmark

This used to be a street but has now been transformed into bicycle and pedestrian corridor, separated by a seating and grassy knoll.