Madison Area

The four neighborhoods surrounding the UW Arboretum have many reasons to collaborate as one regional Neighborhood Greenway planning district.  These neighborhoods are Madison Park, Madison Valley, Madrona and Montlake.

  1. The most important reason for Neighborhood Greenway planning collaboration is because these four neighborhoods have cool names that start with the letter M.
  2. Each neighborhood contains excellent schools that are attended by students from all of the four neighborhoods so there is already a high volume of transportation moving between neighborhoods.  Parents and students currently utilize all available modes of transportation such as buses, cars, carpools, bikes, walking, strollers, skateboards and scooters. Parents of children who attend these quality schools are highly motivated to make sure their children have safe routes to school, regardless of their choice of transportation modality.
  3. All four neighborhoods have central business districts of amazing character and uniqueness surrounded by gridded networks of low-density residential housing. People from each neighborhood already depend on vital amenities provided by the business districts of their adjacent neighborhoods.
  4. We all need to pass through each others neighborhoods on a daily basis, using all manner of transport modalities. Currently, there is a high degree of conflict between transportation modalities.  We hope to help improve the built environment in order to reduce this conflict and thereby improve the livability of our lovely corner of Seattle.

The interdependent nature and common geography of our neighborhoods led to a decision to work together on our Neighborhood Greenway network. Our Greenway network will prioritize getting around within each neighborhood, but will also ensure that links between neighborhoods are of high quality and serve to get people of all abilities to where they need to go safely and without a great deal of stress.

If you live within one of these four neighborhoods or depend on non-motorized routes to or through them, please join our Neighborhood Greenway planning effort. Your knowledge, enthusiasm and skills can be of great value by signing up here.

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